Privacy Policy

Effective Date 03/09/2023



Please, kindly read this privacy policy carefully prior to using the application or the website or making use of any services provided by us.

First, we assert to you that Madfu’ Company, Limited (“Platform’ or “Madfu’”) respects your privacy and undertakes to protect your personal data in accordance with the laws and instructions applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  With this Privacy Policy, we hope to inform you about the methods we use to collect, process, and disclose your personal data. This Privacy Policy is considered an integral part of the terms and conditions pertaining to the use of Madfu’'s platform.

Please be informed that our platform consists of the following:  (1) Our Websites, including the related sub-sites (2) Our applications for mobile, tablet and other smart devices; (3) Program Applicable Interfaces; (4) any devices, technologies, or other programs, whether current or in the future, in which we refer to this Privacy Policy.

Please be informed that this privacy policy does not include or deal with or apply on the following:  Any privacy policy pertaining to the stores or third partis or the privacy practices of their licenses and privileges or the services, that we provide to the stores or our relations with our representatives, whether partners or employees, who provide all or some of our services.

On accessing or using the platform, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood and accept the collection of your personal information, storage use, and disclosure as stipulated in this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of Use.  In addition you agree that your continuation to use Madfoa’ Platform after being notified by us in writing by any means about the changes to this policy or the Terms and Conditions of Use, will be considered as an acceptance of these changes.

1. The data which we collect and the reason for collection:

1.1 The data that you have directly provided to us or provided on using the Platform or in creating an account on the Platform or on completing the identification file of your account or on registering on the mailing list or on contacting us:

Personal Information: Including (your name, date of birth, sex, ID details, data of your account at the Platform, contact data including email, telephone number and any other data or the like). We use this personal information for certain purposes, which include, but are not limited to the following:  (1) creating and allocating your account; (2) contacting you directly regarding the services or for any enquiries, problems, or complaints, which you may have or raised by other users; (3) executing purchase and payment transactions or orders; and (4)  sending media or marketing content to you.

Your Financial Information:  Upon registration at Madfu’ Platform or providing a purchase order, you should provide the payment information such as:  (Bank, credit or debit cards details) and other information.  This payment information will be used for executing purchase and payment transactions, orders and the completion of your financial obligations by deduction, and for the prevention and control of fraud.

Transactions Information:  When you send a purchase or payment order via Madfu’s Platform, we will collect the information about this order, including the information about the things that you have purchased, the date and time of order, special instructions that you have entered, collected points, rewards or the promotional offers that you will receive as part of the loyalty program or rewards.  This information will be used for completing your order, updating your rewards points, your credit record, controlling fraud, personalizing your experience, performing technological and technical analysis and providing the advertising and marketing teams with this information.

Communication, Participation, and other Contents:  We collect the information resulting from your interaction with us or with your partners in the stores via   Madfu’ Platform. We also record your comments and ideas, which you express in responding to the surveys or  entering into raffles and participating in promotional offers. We also use this information for processing your enquiries, problems, and concerns and providing the related clients support services. This information is also used to maintain the security and safety of the Madfu’ platform, as well as to improve the quality of our services through technological and technical analysis. We also keep your evaluations of the stores on the Platform, and we may publish them for our users to to benefit from


Other Information provided by you. It is possible that you may provide us with other information - depending on your acceptance or denial - such as granting us the possibility to access your photo album on your mobile or your email account, which enables you to share the content or the promotional offers or invite your friends to contact us and benefit from our services.

It is also possible that we may use the personal information in general for the purpose of complying with the provisions of the Law or judicial orders; or for the purposes of conducting analysis in different business areas, market analysis, research, determining demographical modes, marketing, advertising and other commercial purposes as long as the final result does not disclose or determine your identity or the identity of any other user of the services. 

1.2 Personal Information that will be created/ or collected automatically during your use of the Portal:

Information about your device and its software. The information which we collect may include some information about your device and its software, including your (IP), type of browser, the Internet Services Provider, type of device, model and the manufacturing company, operation system, date, time and knowing the ( unique ID) which enables us to determine your browser or your mobile or your account (including but not limited to the following:  ID of the constant ads device) and other similar information.  We may work with partners from external entities for employing technologies, including the statistical modeling tools, which will enable us to know you and contact you via several means. The purpose of that is to use the information of the device and the software to diagnose and solve the technical problems, provide special ads to you and personalize your experience and to conduct technical and technological analysis, and to improve our products and services. 

The information about accessing and using our products and services  will include the websites from which you access theme and the websites that you will go to after that.  In addition, we will track the pages you visit on the Platform and the links you press whether you opened the emails or pressed the links in the emails sent by us and the other procedures we take on the Platform.  We may use this data and information for determining the products and services, which are of interest to you and for enhancing our products and services and to evaluate the success of our ads and marketing campaigns and send the marketing ads.

Analytical Information For the purpose of enhancing our services, we may collect the analytics data or use the analytics tools of a third party, such as; ( Google Analytics) to help us measure the degree of motion and method of use and the demographics of the Portal users.  You can find more information about Google’s practices at


Geographic Location Information Sometimes, you as a user of the Platform, may provide us directly with information about your geographic location (such as when you provide the vendor with the receipt address of the commodity). In other cases, your geographic location may be identified by (GPS) or by Wi-Fi network or through the mobile towers or through the other information which we collect. For example: We may approximate your location from your (IP) address) We use  this data for customization of the content of our services (for example: to show you the nearest shops) and may be used for facilitating the order process and handing over, fraud control, measuring the volume of movement of services, and technical and technological analytics of the services.

Please be notified that we may also use the (Google Maps application to collect information of your location. Google uses different technologies for determining your location, including your IP address, GPS, and other remote sensing devices, which give Google information about the non boring devices, Wi-Fi points, and mobile towers. (Please read Google’s Privacy Policy and Google Maps usage conditions for more information).

1.3 Data which we collect from other sources:

The information, which we receive from the websites of other entities, with which our services are connected. We may receive other personal information pertaining to you from third parties and integrate it with the information which we collect through our Portal.  For example, we may obtain information from a social media login or through the authentication services of external parties such as Facebook) or (Google).  These services authenticate your identity and provide you with the option of sharing certain personal information with us, which may include your name, email address, address book, contacts or other information.  Likewise, when you interact with us through a social media site or the service of an external party such as when you express your like or to follow up or participate in paid content on (Facebook) or (Twitter) or other websites, we may obtain the information, which the social media network permits its sharing with third parties.  The data which we receive from the websites of the external parties, depends on the policies of these third parties and your privacy settings on the website of the third party. Therefore, you should always review such agreements and policies prior to using them.


2. Using and Processing Personal Information:

In addition to the uses, stated above, we use your personal data in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and this Privacy Policy for several purposes such as:

2.1 Establishing the Platform and Services and maintaining, enhancing and developing thereof:
For example: 
·      Enabling you to create accounts or to access the Platform and services and to use thereof (including but not limited to the following:  Saving the information to avoid reentering them during your visit or on another time when you visit the Platform). 

Satisfying your orders and processing payments (including but not limited to the following: Permitting you to conclude the purchase process from the shops and receiving purchased items or providing you with the information, which you request). 

·      Provision of customized and personal content to enhance and improve your experience in Madfu’  Platform and to provide you with privileges and improvements in the service. 
·      Conducting technological, technical and marketing analysis. 
·      Testing and developing new features and functions and improving the main system and the services. 
2.2 Maintaining safety, stability and security of our Platform and your services: We may use the personal information to maintain the safety and security of our Platform and services, including but not limited to: 
·      Detecting and preventing fraud operations or misuse and the other harmful activities. 
·      Diagnosing and preparing the technological problems.  

Conducting security  investigations and risks assessments

 and enhancing and imposing our prevention procedures.

2.3 Communicating with you for the provision of support and other important messages:  We may use your the personal information to communicate important messages to you or to give support.  We may send you emails or letters concerning the service such as: (authenticating the username, changes or updates on the features and services of the Platform, and technical and security notifications.  Know that Madfu is not responsible for any delayed or not delivered messages. 

2.4 Designing our marketing ads and customizing, assessment and improving thereof:  We may use your personal information to design our marketing ads and customize, assess, , and improve thereof, which include but not be limited to:

·      Management of rewards, surveys, competitions or promotional activities or other events under the auspices of Madfu’ or directed by Madfu’ or its external partners. 
·      Notifying you, through emails, prompt notifications and other communication means about the products, programs, services and promotional offers, which we think may be of interest to you. 
·      Allowing you to refer us to your friends so as to send them promotional offers through the Platform.  If you want to use this feature, you may be requested to provide us with the name of your friend, his email address and any other information which you will share with us and we may use such information.  By using this feature, you assert that we have the right to use the name of your friend and his email for this purpose.  We will use this information for sending emails to invite your friends to visit the Platform or for any other purposes, which will be disclosed at the time of your participation in the program. 

Determining the effectiveness of our services and promotional campaigns and getting to know you and contacting  you via several instruments.

2.5 Compliance with the orders and the legal and regulatory procedures: We may use the personal information in connection with the legal and regulatory procedures and requirements, including but not limited to (executing the requirements imposed on us as a company, such as the reports and others, or  for fulfilment of a judicial order or government order for disclosure of data or for our own benefit if we consider according to our own discretion that disclosure of such personal information is necessary pursuant to the provisions of laws and instructions).   
2/6 Saving our own rights:  Upon accessing our Platform or services or using thereof you will be obliged to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use and this Privacy Policy; and for verification of your compliance therewith, we may use your personal information for monitoring the violation of our Terms and Conditions of Use and to investigate such violations or preventing or mitigating them; in addition to execution of our agreements with third parties and the business partners. 
3. Sharing and Disclosing Personal Informational:

Please be notified that we disclose the personal information to the following third parties:

3.1 Vendors at Madfu’ we may disclose your personal information to the vendors from which you buy, and the third parties connected with these vendors such as (Sale Points providers and the employees responsible for delivery), as may be required to execute your orders. This may include contacting you concerning your order status or the cancelled items.  If you have done a purchase transaction from any vendor who provides loyalty programs or rewards, we may disclose your personal information to the supplier as required to facilitate your participation in the loyalty program or in the special rewards of the vendor including tracking points and repayment processes. 

3.2 Service Providers and our Partners:  We may disclose the personal information to the third parties, which supply services to us or on our behalf such as website hosting, data analysis, securing infrastructure, Information technology services, customer services, email delivery services, fraud detection, security control, advertising and marketing and other similar services. 

3.3 Analysis Services Providers  We may share your personal information with the analysis service providers  in order to better the demographic composition of our users and visitors and to customize and improve our Platform and services accordingly.

3.4 Ads, Marketing and Promotion Services Providers: We may share the personal information with third parties in connection with  our  joint marketing activities, and to develop specialized and directed marketing campaigns and other similar advertisement efforts.  For example: 

Advertising Agencies:  We may disclose the personal information to the advertising agencies, which sponsor the promotional campaigns to formulate joint promotional offers or activities or share trademark services, if such disclosure is necessary to complete your order.   Therefore, you should review the rules and conditions of each promotional offer you participate therein, as such promotional offers may include other important information about our use of your personal information or the use by the advertising agency to the extent that the rules and conditions of such promotional offers for processing your personal information may contradict this Privacy Policy and in such cases the rules of these promotional offers will prevail. 

·      Social Networks:  We may disclose some personal information, such as the identifier, or the email address or the information that will be collected automatically by the tracking technologies to the social networks for the purpose of presenting advertisements and the specified content on these Social Networks.

3.5 Vendors and Trademarks:  The personal information may be disclosed to a certain selected group of vendors and trademarks from which you have previously purchased through the Platform and to their affiliated companies and third parties which provide services.  Those vendors, trademarks and their affiliated companies may use your personal information in accordance with the manner prescribed in their privacy policies, which may include sending other marketing messages and content to you. 

3.6 Public Services and Platforms:  There may be some features available in the services that enable you to publish the information and materials such as the assessments and reviews, uploading photos, and chatting service. You should bear in mind that any information you submit in relation to these services may be accessible by the visitors of these sites and the publics. Please, do not disclose your personal information on such public or interaction sites. We urge you to be cautious and exert the utmost care when you decide to disclose any information or other materials in these public and interacting sites in the services. 

3.7 Rights and Legal Obligations:  We may disclose the personal information to third parties such as legal counselors, pursuant to the Law or the Fraud Control Rules, for reduction of credit risks and collection of due debts or for practicing or protecting our rights, properties or the personal safety of Madfu’, our visitors and others.

3/8 In case of your approval:  We may disclose personal information to other third parties on your consent. 
4. How to store and protect your personal information: 

Storage and transfer of data:  Your personal information which we collect through our service will be stored and processed inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  If you create an account on the Platform as a resident from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, upon use of the Platform or the services, you are accepting this Privacy Policy and consenting to the collection, transfer, storage, and processing of your personal information inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Maintaining the Data We will seek to maintain your personal information in a secure manner. We are always keen to secure your information in a safe manner and use material, administrative and technological guarantees which are specially designed for the safety and security of all the information collected through our service.  Please be aware that the protection of your personal information is also your responsibility. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you change your passwords regularly and to use a group of letters, figures and special codes; to be sure that you are using a secure browser and you should take the necessary precautions when sharing your personal information via the internet.  If it comes to your knowledge or you  have a reason to think that the data of your account has been lost or stolen or has been acquired or breached illegally or in case of illegal use whether actual or suspected, please contact us by following the instructions stated in the contact section below.


5. Your rights in your personal information:

Updating the information:  You may update your information by following the instructions on your account page in Madfu’

Control of accessing the information in your device and the prompt notifications:  You may control accessing the information of your devices or to cancel the subscription in the prompt notification through the application “Settings” in your device.  You may withdraw the permission to access the data of your location through the settings in your device, although we may continue to approximate your location based on your (IP) address or through other means.

Contact Settings:  You may also stop receiving the promotional communications via email by changing the contact settings in your Madfu’ account. Nevertheless, you may not be able to cancel the subscription in the contacts related to the service for example (authenticating the account and the identity and purchase contacts, changes and updates of the features of the service and legal, technical and security notifications). 

Deleting your data:  However, in all cases you have the right to request the deletion of your information, which we have at any time through sending a request to any of our addresses listed in this Agreement.  But despite that, you should know that we may not be able to satisfy such request in the cases stipulated by the Law or in case there are financial dues on you.


6. Period of keeping the Personal Information

The period during which we keep the personal data is the period which we need to fulfil the purposes for which we have collected the data including the purposes connected with compliance with any legal requirements, regulatory or tax or financial requirements and other related requirements. This period may be prolonged in case of any present or expected legal procedures. In case there are no requirements for keeping these data we will cancel them.


7. How we dispose of your data:

If it is not necessary to keep your personal information, we will delete your data from our databases. 


8. Children Privacy:

Our services and the services of our Platform are not intended for use by any person of less than eighteen (18) years of age.  We confirm that we do not intentionally collect any identifying information about children under eighteen (18) years of age. In case we discover that a child of less than (18) years of age has provided us any personal information, we delete such information from our servers immediately.  If you are a father or a custodian and you are aware that your child has provided us with personal information, please kindly contact us to take the required procedures.




9. Third Parties Sites:

Our electronic websites and our services may include links to other websites or additional components and applications pertaining to third parties.  Except as we publish or clearly adopt or refer to in this Privacy Policy, our Privacy Policy does not apply to such websites, and we are not responsible about any practices regarding personal information taken by these websites which are belonging to the third parties and their services or practices.  To become acquainted with the practices of the third parties regarding the personal information please review their privacy policies.


10. Changes which may occur to this Policy:

Any changes that we may make to our privacy policy in the future will be published on this page. When we make any changes to this Privacy Policy, we shall change the effective date stated in the face of this Privacy Policy.   If we make any substantial changes on this Privacy Policy, we shall notify you by an email addressed to your registered email or by apparent posting on the Platform or through the other appropriate communication channels.  All changes shall be effective on the date of publication unless otherwise stated.  If you have not cancelled your account before the effective date of the updated privacy policy, your continuous access to the Platform or the Service or their use shall be governed by the updated privacy policy.


11. Contact us: 

If you have any enquiries or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us via the following email: [email protected] 


*Please note that communication via email is not always secure and therefore, do not include any information about the credit card or any other sensitive personal information in your correspondences through the email with us.