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About Madfu

What is Madfu?

Madfu Application provides secure and easy payment method for credit payment services that serves the entertainment and food sectors. The Application provides invoices payment option on three installments without interest.

Territory in which the Application works?

Madfu Application covers the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, available in all the participating stores, which are presented in Madfu Application.

What are the stores, which participate in Madfu?

The list of stores participating in Madfu is evolving continuously and so we recommend downloading the Application for accessing the updated lists of participating stores.

Does Madfu provide delivery services from the stores?

Madfu adopts balanced lifestyle that enhances entertainment level through practicing social activities and spending enjoyable times outside the house Hence, Madfu services finance only active experiences and does not provide delivery services from stores and not supporting online purchase of products.

Is Madfu service licensed?

Yes, Madfu Services Company is licensed by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA).

Is Madfu Application compliant with the Islamic Sharia?

All the services provided by Madfu are, continuously, reviewed by the Sharia’ Commission for compatibility with the Islamic Sharia controls.

How can I communicate with Madfu Team?

Madfu is pleased to serve you and you may communicate with us through the email: [email protected]. Or you may contact through the unified telephone number 920051023

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