Frequently Asked


What is MADFU?

MADFU Application provides secure and easy payment method for credit payment services that serves the entertainment and food sectors. The Application provides invoices payment option on three installments without interest.

Territory in which the Application works?

MADFU Application covers the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, available in all the participating stores, which are presented in MADFU Application.

What are the stores, which participate in MADFU?

The list of stores participating in MADFU is evolving continuously and so we recommend downloading the Application for accessing the updated lists of participating stores.

Does MADFU provide delivery services from the stores?

MADFU adopts balanced lifestyle that enhances entertainment level through practicing social activities and spending enjoyable times outside the house Hence, MADFU services finance only active experiences and does not provide delivery services from stores and not supporting online purchase of products.

Is MADFU service licensed?

Yes, MADFU Services Company is licensed by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA).

Is MADFU Application compliant with the Islamic Sharia?

All the services provided by MADFU are, continuously, reviewed by the Sharia’ Commission for compatibility with the Islamic Sharia controls.

How can I communicate with MADFU Team?

Madfu is pleased to serve you and you may communicate with us through the email: [email protected]. Or you may contact through the unified telephone number 920051023

Account Management

How can I register in MADFU ?

You may register at MADFU by downloading MADFU Application, which is available at Apple Store and Android Store

What are the electronic devices that MADFU support?

You may download MADFU Application on all mobile phones and tablets, which operate under Apple and Android operation systems.

Can I create more than one account at MADFU?

MADFU Account will be linked to the national ID No or the Resident Permit No and so each user may create only one account.

Can I change the number of my phone, which is registered at MADFU?

Yes, you may change the phone number registered at MADFU through communicating with the Customers Service.

Can I delete my account from MADFU?

You can delete your account from Madfu by communicating with the Customers Service via the telephone number 920051023

Are all my data in MADFU account will be deleted upon removal of my account?

Upon closure of your account, MADFU will delete all your data, except the data required by SAMA instructions.

Can I use MADFU again after removal of my account?

You may use MADFU again after removal of your account by registering in MADFU.

Payment Operations

How MADFU Application works?

For payment of your invoices through MADFU, press “invoice scan” which appears on the Application main screen. Through the camera of your phone scan the purchase invoice in any of the Partners Stores. The Application will automatically recognize the details of the invoice and the available payment options will appear to you.

What are the payment options in MADFU?

You may pay your invoice in three installments without interests. The first installment will be paid upon the purchase process. You may pay the whole invoice at the time of purchase and in this case, the Application will provide you with cash back reward.

What is the maximum limit of the purchase operations in MADFU?

In using MADFU for credit and in installments purchase, the maximum limit of the purchase operations depends on the amount of money available for the customer based on his credit register and the due amounts. In case of paying the whole purchase invoice there would be no maximum limit to the purchase operations.

How can I pay the due payments?

To pay the due amounts through the Application you should follow the following:
Enter “my orders” from the main screen > next payments > details > the due payments will appear; put a checkmark on the selected payment > Click on Pay the Amount > Choose the Payment Method.

What are the available payment methods in MADFU for payment of the due amounts?

You may pay the due amounts through MADFU Application by using one of the following payment methods: Mada Card - Visa - Apple Pay - Refund amount in the Application Portfolio.

Can I do any purchase process while there are unpaid due amounts?

In case of any default payments, you cannot do credit purchase or on installments purchase, but you can purchase by paying the whole invoice.

Is it possible to do more than one payment at the same time?

MADFU Application avails the possibility of paying some or all the due amounts as the customer intends.

Is it possible to increase my credit limit?

The credit limits of the customers are determined according to their credit record and their compliance to payment on the specified dates.

What is the reason for refusing a payment process?

In case the payment operation cannot be processed, check the following:

  1. 1. Check the card details and whether entered in correct manner.
  2. 2. Check the validity of the card.
  3. 3. Check whether there is a sufficient balance in the card.
  4. 4. Ensure that the maximum credit limit has not been exceeded.
  5. 5. Contact your bank.

What will happen if I failed to pay the due amounts on the prescribed time?

In case there are default payments not satisfied on the prescribed time, the details of the customer will be referred to another entities for collection and taking the required procedures. Madfu has the right to demand the debt collection fees from the customer according to the following:

  1. 1. An amount of 20 SAR immediately upon lapse of the payment date.
  2. 2. An amount of 20 SAR after two weeks of the date of payment and that will be repeated but will not exceed 140 SAR or the quarter of the total debt (whichever is less).

Are there any interest for late payment?

MADFU will not impose any interest on late payment but the client should bear the required administrative fees for collection of unpaid debt.

General Questions

Can I refund the value of the invoice?

The entertainment and food services are by nature not refundable and therefore the amount could not be refunded after completion of purchase.

MADFU Incentives

How can I have cash back reward?

When you choose payment of the whole invoice in the purchase process, you will immediately receive cash back reward.

How much is the cash back amount?

The cash back value will be 4% of the purchase value, which will be added to you as refundable balance.

Why cash back reward will not follow the purchase process?

The cash back amount is added only on payment of the whole amount of the invoice in the purchase process and this does not include purchasing by installments mode.

Is there any time limit for the cash back amount?

There is no expiry date of the cash back amount and you can use it at any time without maximum limit.

When the cash back amount will be deposited in my portfolio?

The cash back amount will be deposited in your portfolio immediately upon completion of the purchase process in case of payment of the whole purchase invoice.

MADFU Partners

How can I register my store in MADFU as a partner?

We are pleased with your joining MADFU Partner Sotres by contacting us through [email protected]

When the stores receive their due amount?

The due amounts will be deposited on the account of the merchant on weekly basis, four times per month. The merchant may choose the day on the week, which is suitable for depositing his due amounts.

How can I have my invoices?

MADFU has an integrated platform for supporting MADFU Partners, which includes all details of orders and invoices.

How the employees will be trained on using MADFU Application?

MADFU will provide the necessary training for the employees of MADFU Partners prior to launching MADFU Application.

Why my subscription Application in MADFU was rejected?

MADFU is targeting the entertainment and food sector and therefore apologizes not to register the stores, which are dealing in other sectors. If your store is within the targeted list, please kindly contact the Customer Service through 920051023