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MADFU Makes It Easy for Customers to Complete Their Purchase by Splitting the Purchase Invoice into 3 Installments Without Any Additional Fees or Hidden Interest.

MADFU benefits both individuals and stores alike.
Many promising individuals & brands benefit from the advantages of MADFU.
Our services include entertainment, beauty, food and beverage sectors
Advanced tools to help you track your sales through MADFU .
MADFU MADFU is a leading Saudi company that seeks to raise the quality of life for consumers in the Kingdom by providing innovative payment and financing solutions to customers in the restaurants, entertainment and beauty industries.
Our Inherited Values
Thriving Economy
We believe that we are on a mission to provide innovative financial products and services that allow people to save, invest, and manage their money, and benefit partners via growing their businesses.
Fun for All
We are on a mission to democratize access to fun and joy! We want people to enjoy their special moments regardless of their financial situations.
Financial Inclusion
We believe that advanced technology should be designed to increase people's access to financial services, regardless of who they are.
What Do We Offer ?We offer you a creative solution that facilitates the payment process for your offline customers. Where the customer can pay in three installments payments without any interest and on the widest scale. We also offer unparalleled cashback programs that go to your customers' buckets.
  • Expand your customer base: paid is a marketing platform that attracts a larger customer base.
  • Providing various payment solutions to customers that suit their needs: Madoof provides electronic payment services (mada, credit cards) of all kinds to your customers.
  • Providing innovative financing solutions to your customers: Madoo provides financing solutions without any interest or fees to your customers.
  • increase your sales and grow your business; Providing easy financing solutions to the customer that lead to an increase in your sales and a high average bill for the customer.
  • Zero risk: Focus on your business and increase your sales, and leave all financing risks to Paid.
  • Your funds are regularly received in full: Paid periodically transfers all your outstanding funds.
  • Compliant with Islamic Sharia: All transactions that you make are in accordance with the teachings of the tolerant Sharia, praise be to God.


MADFU Partners

How can I register my store in MADFU as a partner?

We are pleased with your joining MADFU Partner Sotres by contacting us through [email protected]

When the stores receive their due amount?

The due amounts will be deposited on the account of the merchant on weekly basis, four times per month. The merchant may choose the day on the week, which is suitable for depositing his due amounts.

How can I have my invoices?

MADFU has an integrated platform for supporting MADFU Partners, which includes all details of orders and invoices.

How the employees will be trained on using Madfu Application?

MADFU will provide the necessary training for the employees of MADFU Partners prior to launching MADFU Application.

Why my subscription Application in MADFU was rejected?

MADFU is targeting the entertainment and food sector and therefore apologizes not to register the stores, which are dealing in other sectors. If your store is within the targeted list, please kindly contact the Customer Service through 920051023